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The Middle School Section is made up of students belonging to grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 and whose ages are between 10 and 14. Our students are wonderful boys who begin to experience new changes from their emotional development , physical and social, eager to learn and find meaning in all the challenges that life presents them, because it is during this time that they struggle to define themselves as individuals and in relation to others. They begin to question the role of adults in their lives, and their peers become increasingly important.

Friendship and companionship relationships are present in all their projects and we want to support them so that in La Arboleda they achieve all their dreams.



Development of critical thinking

Colegio La Arboleda frames its pedagogical approach within Active Learning, which seeks that each student build their knowledge from a repertoire of strategies that facilitate their learning in a collaborative relationship and in full conjunction with the values ​​of the school: respect, responsibility, love, commitment and sense of belonging.

Family and School

Walking the path of the Middle School ages, the family and the school play a very important role in the process of training children. You can see an enthusiastic community ready to face the challenges that arise day after day with the aim of providing children with the best possible education at all levels.

Being individual and sociable

Defining character and establishing cordial relationships with peers becomes the challenge of an adolescent, who with his bright smile seeks to open a valuable space for his emotional development and for the fulfillment of his goals on the path of cordiality, commitment , compassion and academic excellence.

Germán Ernesto Nieto Collazos

Germán Ernesto Nieto Collazos

Social Communicator and Journalist, graduated from the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente de Cali. Since his training as a professional he has been linked to the educational world, doing his professional practice at the Universidad del Valle, where he had the opportunity to be part of the creation of the educational television channel of said institution and there, together with his work team, he was part for several years of the television program on distance education that was transmitted by Telepacífico and Inravisión, creating the internal newscast and managing the agreement with TVE Spain.

In 1996, he entered the Icesi University as Director of Communications, and there he complemented his professional training with specialization studies in Marketing and Master's in Administration; He has been an undergraduate and graduate professor with this same university and advisor to different companies at the regional level. In 2011, he was appointed as a full-time professor at Crea, the Learning Resource Center, and from there he participated in the creation and consolidation of undergraduate and graduate programs and in the training of teachers.

Since 2013 he has served as rector of Colegio La Arboleda de Cali and has led processes to improve academic quality, has positioned the vision of an inclusive 360-degree pedagogical model and has worked committed, with his team, on processes of recertification of the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CI) program and the quality management system with Bureau Veritas. His management as Rector has been championed in positioning La Arboleda School as a space to learn to live, think and share while respecting differences.

During his tenure as Rector of Colegio La Arboleda, he was recognized by the Manager Magazine as one of the 100 leaders of the Society in the category of academics and scientists in our Country. He also served as Rector in charge of Colegio Gimnasio del Norte (Valledupar) and currently leads the platform of schools Human Centered de Redcol that covers the Schools Newport School (Bucaramanga), Gimnasio del Norte (Valledupar) and Colegio La Arboleda (Cali).

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