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Center for Development and Learning, Crea

The diversity characterizes us.

Throughout its 23 years, Colegio La Arboleda has been implementing multiple strategies to serve the diversity of its students and guarantee development opportunities. This implementation has been guided by the institutional values ​​that the school instills under the motto: diversity characterizes us.

These strategies are led by the Diversity Attention Program, which aims to "ensure that all students at the school with special educational needs have timely, comprehensive, regular and quality care."

Centro para el Desarrollo y el Aprendizaje, Crea

In this sense, we define these focus of attention as follows:

  • Timely: once the student's needs are identified, they must be addressed on time and as a priority.
  • Comprehensive: each student must be offered care that impacts emotional, educational, social and family aspects.
  • Periodic: the actions carried out with the students must be continuously reviewed and make the changes that are considered pertinent, contributing favorably to the student's school life.
  • Quality: the attention offered to each student must consider their particularities, interests, motivations and abilities.

The institutional strategies implemented to address the diversity of students are the following:

  • Preparation of an Individual Work Plan for students.
  • Implementation of curricular adjustments.
  • Individual work of the students with the team of support teachers.
  • PROMAT Advanced Mathematics Program.
  • Attention to students with exceptional talents in the sports area.
  • Teacher training.

The Diversity Attention Program is based on the following principles for its proper and timely operation:

  • Interdisciplinary work: all actions and decision-making regarding the students' school life will be supported by the reflections of an entire interdisciplinary team made up of coordination, psychology and teachers.
  • Work with the family: for the institutional strategies or actions to have a positive impact on the lives of the students, it is important to work together with the family to achieve the extension at home of elements that will favor the integral development of the student. Likewise, the school accompanies and guides families during the process of raising and supporting their children at school.
  • Work with external institutions: in order for the Individual Work Plan of a student to be developed and implemented successfully, it is important to know the recommendations or suggestions of the external therapeutic work that is supporting the student. For this reason, communication with all external institutions that serve the student are essential.
  • Creativity: taking into account that there are no magic recipes to give timely and effective attention to students with special educational needs, skills such as creativity, optimism, openness and flexibility are necessary when building and proposing actions to give attention to these students.
  • Commitment: it is important that the entire team that participates in the work of students with special educational needs feels committed to contributing to the quality of life of students and is constantly reviewing their role to make things better every day.

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