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Preschool, exploring the world through the eyes of a child

The Preschool section at Colegio La Arboleda is made up of Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Transitional grades, and includes ages from 4 years to 6 years.

During these first years of age, the social skills of children are strengthened, that is why at Preschool we create a space in which the fabric of strong and safe affective bonds is favored, in order to form a solid emotional floor that serves as the basis for all learning; in this way we prepare all our boys and girls to face the demands of primary school. We achieve this with a team of professionals who are sensitive, observant, reflective and committed to the diversity that characterizes the School, which continuously monitors the students by offering different pedagogical, affective and social strategies.

Boy smiling in preschool class classroom of Colegio La Arboleda

Our Preschool is surrounded by different natural spaces that allow the cognitive development of children through the exploration of the environment; the enchanting forest or the mountains become the students' favorite natural classrooms.

We also offer an English immersion environment beginning in Pre-Kindergarten. We do it initially from orality and the socio-affective to sensitize them to this language and allow them to build the learning of the second language from these ages together with other knowledge such as mathematical, scientific, social and technological, through games, exploration, art and literature. During this process we also enrich this learning scenario with the knowledge and customs of their own culture and marveling at discovering a new world through the reading and writing of their mother tongue.

  • Infants - 12 months
  • Toddlers - 2 years
  • Kids 1 - 3 years
  • Kids 2 - 3 ½ years
  • Prekínder - 4 years
  • Kínder- 5 years
  • Transición - 6 years

Project oriented work

Projects promote the construction of learning in a meaningful way, through recreational activities based on active learning. During the school year different projects are proposed in which the interests of children are taken into account and the promotion of Relevant competencies The children of La Arboleda marvel at exploring and experimenting in the different environments that are intentionally designed to motivate their creativity and curiosity.


Learn playing

Since play is the privileged language of children, it makes it a powerful strategy with which knowledge is built and it is possible to enhance different social and cognitive skills in children; on the other hand, it becomes a conducive space to learn on the other, at a time when proximate development is favored.

Playing becomes a strategy to promote autonomy, the following of norms and agreements, the knowledge of cultural traditions and cognitive learning. It should be taken into account that some games need certain knowledge that must be previously learned.

Within the planning, different types of games are taken into account that help to build different knowledge: dramatic play, traditional games, construction games, group games, regulated or not, work-play / corner play.


The natural environment

Our natural environment provides children with a living, changing and dynamic environment that proposes natural provocations and becomes the classroom where children, through exploration, communication, experimentation and research, ask and resolve questions.

Through activities sometimes carried out in deliberate environments or without intervention by the teacher, children enhance their motor skills, social and learning processes, thus turning the environment into a source of knowledge that supports the development processes of Preschool students.


Language is our greatest resource for learning.

We use the language (Spanish, English and French) as an instrument of
oral and written communication, representation, interpretation and understanding of the
reality, construction and communication of knowledge and organization and
self-regulation of thought, emotions and behavior.



As in a grove, we harmonize the differences and fit all the intelligences.

In its proposal to train for life, La Arboleda School sets out to recognize the uniqueness of the groups and, consequently, the particularity of its students, pointing out for each group a north towards which educational purposes point both at the level of coexistence as well as the interest in knowledge, which beyond the disciplinary areas and the sum of information, become ways of seeing and thinking about the world in a critical, sensitive and creative way.

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