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Frequent questions

1. From what age are children welcomed?

At Colegio La Arboleda our academic program begins at the age of 4 in August (the month in which the school year begins). We have four sections: Preschool, Primary, Middle School and High School. We have all school cycles, from preschool to high school.

2. What academic calendar does La Arboleda school have?

We are calendar B, our school year begins in August and ends the year during the second week of June. The holidays of recess week, Christmas and Easter are taken normally.

3. Is it bilingual?

Colegio la Arboleda adopted the International Curriculum proposal with the world-renowned University of Cambridge, through the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CI) academic program. We have accredited exams and real language immersion experiences to ensure that students have full command of English. Likewise, the learning of French is present from grade 3 to 10, encouraging the mastery of this language.

4. What pedagogical approach does the College have?

The School has a pedagogical model based on active learning. However, we have different methodologies that, according to the needs of each student, are integrated into the process to adapt a differentiated development opportunity.

5. What is the academic level of the school?

In the School, academic excellence and the development of being come together to attend to diversity. We are very superior level in the tests to know 11 ° (Icfes) and we emphasize the integrated arts and sports.

6. What is the best nutrition management for students?

The school has an innovative food plant that is certified by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system, one of the highest standards in safe food, which makes us the first food plant for schools. in Colombia to have this guarantee. Our nutrition, food engineering and kitchen team offers a healthy, nutritious and varied diet, according to each age, guaranteeing a healthy life.

7. What international experiences does the school have?

The school offers 3rd and 4th grade the opportunity to play soccer at the Disney Cup (Florida, USA). In grades 5 and 6 with the UK5 program, an exchange that takes place to England every year. In grades 7, 8, and 9, students participate in an academic integration program in Canada and may also travel to Boston or France in grade 10.

8. How is school coexistence and curricular adaptation managed?

The center for development and learning, CREA, is the center in charge of promoting the integral development of students, through curricular adaptation processes, projects related to inclusion in the school environment and in a very active way in the development of transversal educational projects.

With a professional team made up of psychologists, occupational therapy, speech therapy and nutritionist, who work together to provide a high quality service, mobilized by deep sensitivity and respect for diversity.

9. How many students are there per class?

We have classrooms with capacities from 10 to 15 students in pre-kindergarten (4 years of age) and 25 in the rest of the groups (5 years of age to 18 years).

10. What religion does the School follow?

We are a secular school. We are convinced that respect for differences begins by recognizing the diversity that characterizes us. The College's training horizon offers students experiences of social and environmental transformation through projects that generate human and community sensitivity.