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La Arboleda School promotes the formation of the being, starting from the principle that each person is valuable, unique and unrepeatable. It considers that education must also respect differences and promote the various expressions of the human being in all its dimensions, in a group way and individual. The school values ​​community training and growth through participation. It also conceives learning as a dynamic process in which the student is the protagonist and the teacher is constituted as a guide, advisor and companion.


When looking at a grove we see a harmonious set, which, rooted in the earth, grows towards the sky; when detailing it we observe that it is made up of different trees: large, small, thin, thick, striking, discreet, flowery, green, each one fulfilling a function, each forming part of the whole, in a harmonious and complementary unit.
 La Arboleda school, seen from the outside, is that integrated, harmonious set and when looking at it closely, it is found that each of its members conserves their individuality, develops according to their future, having the opportunity to be different, using their own time and space to grow, taking advantage of differences for the benefit of all through a co-participative coexistence, fulfilling a function within the group and the school.

Two decades respecting differe

Colegio La Arboleda, since its foundation, has established an inclusive pedagogical model where academic excellence, bilingualism and the development of being come together. This power to serve diversity is a constant challenge that inspires us to continue modeling the dreams of our students.


La Arboleda Educational Corporation was created by the directors of Kindergartens in the city of Cali: Alba Ramírez de Cárdenas, from Jardín Carolina; Antonella Fois de Reyes, from the Escuela Maternal Párvulos; Gloria Isabel Botero de Carvajal, from the Bam Bam Gardens; and Olga Cecilia Congote, from Garcerant del Jardín Michín; They opened the doors of the College on August 27 of that year to 47 students in Kindergarten, transition and first.


At that time, the school occupied a country house, located between Callejón Silvia and Callejón de las Chuchas, and its student population occupied just five classrooms. It was a charming place with monumental stones, a stream, and a huge rubber tree. There was a patch of forest represented by some bamboo trees and various fruit trees. Suddenly we saw squirrels and iguanas pass by, happily running from tree to tree. In 1999 the owners of the school decided that this dream, called La Arboleda, should grow and ensure its permanence, for this they acquired a 27,000 m2 plot of land, on a bend in Avenida La María, in the Pance sector.


After being reflected in plans, construction began in 2003. The students, in the company of the teachers, visited the new space in which the headquarters of La Arboleda school would be built. It was an enviable terrain, bordered by a stream –La Saija- that carried its generous waters to the Pance River and by some forest preserves, which honored the name of our educational community. As a backdrop, the Farallones de Cali rose imposingly, with Pico de Loro, its flagship peak.


Until it was time to open the new headquarters. The euphoria was widespread. The green of all colors, with which Aurelio Arturo traced a poetic image of Colombia, was here. That diversity and that respect for difference, which is based on our formative principles, were drawn in the surrounding forests and the ritual of planting trees with different reasons began: for the day of the family, in memory of those who have been part of the community, in special events and on each anniversary of La Arboleda. Iguanas, guacharacas, pellars and endemic birds, from warm and temperate areas, became our daily neighbors.


The first class of the College graduates.


Redcol comes to Cali to promote the School with its experience in education; a company specialized in offering quality educational alternatives in different cities of the country, under the premise of creating a better world through better schools.


Creation of Human Centered platforms.

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