fbpx Colegio La Arboleda's Mission and Vision

Our School

We are an Institution that faithfully believes and practices democracy, autonomy and cooperation, with an open, flexible and multiple teaching methodology, in accordance with individual differences.

Colegio La Arboleda de Cali, with 23 years of experience, has focused on an inclusive, bilingual and multicultural form of education. These educational qualities of the School, constantly evaluated, enriched and updated, are translated into tangible actions that make the Institution an ideal space for the learning and integral development of our students.

Our academic program begins at age 4 and ends at age 18. It is divided into four sections: Pre School, Primary, Middle School and High School.



We form ethically and academically competent citizens, in an affective environment in which they live and think, respecting differences, for a globalized and changing world.


By the year 2025, Colegio La Arboleda will be recognized, in the national educational sphere, as a multicultural learning community, responsible for the environment, of high academic quality and with the capacity to offer development opportunities to its' students.